Wednesday, July 9, 2014

I'm The Girl Who...

I Am the Girl Link-Up
Hey guys, so this super-awesome blogger friend of mine named Emma emailed me a few weeks ago about this linkup and I couldn't help but think that this was an awesome idea. So, here's some of the awesome IDGAF things that make me...well me.
I'm that girl who has to drink coffee in order to function. Like clockwork folks, I am at the Keurig making my hazelnut coffee. It's a fun time, but it's just that necessary.
Who must always have french fries or sweet potato fries. Fries are my favorite food ever, and a must with a yummy wrap such as the one that I had above. They just make the meal! #sorrynotsorry

Who really doesn't care anymore. No matter what I do people are going to talk about me. Actually, kidding because no one really cares enough about me to talk about all of the time. Basically my philosophy is that people are either going to love you or they are going to hate you. So, do whatever you want that makes you happy, not just a bunch of people that are going to say whatever.
Who worries when you don't get a reply back from someone. I often freak out when my friends don't respond to my texts. However, I'm starting to learn that they are actually busy and don't hate me. 
Who still writes in notebooks. At the beginning stages of my blog, I often used that as my personal diary which isn't exactly the coolest thing. More than a few times, I've had incidents where my blog had too personal things. Needless to say, no one's going near my personal journal. Unless of course you want the whole world to know your business, which in that case be my guest.

Who puts her friends first. My friends, especially Griffin, Emma, Elisia, and Gabriel, are the people that are most important to me besides my family. I hate it when people don't understand that it's important to maintain good friendships over the course of a lifetime, because I am so lucky to have found awesome and great friends such as them. Whenever I do meet someone, their going to have to find a balance in my crazy life. But their not the only person in my life that's important.
I'm that girl who binge-watches New Girl. Whose that girl? Whose that girl? It's Jess!
I'm that girl who believes that one's naked without jewelry. Hence why I wear A LOT of jewelry. #armcandy
Whose best friend is her dog. My dog is the best, end of story.

I'm that girl whose at home at the beach. I grew up on the beach, so naturally it's my favorite place in the world. (You can read about it here)
I'm that girl who photographs life. I love taking pictures, whether for Instagram, or just simply for fun. I love getting that perfect shot, and I'm really excited to show more of that in my blog!
Like the pictures? Check me out on my instagram!

Well, what kind of person are you? Join in on the fun! I am linking up with four lovely people including Emma, Lindsey, and Sami!


  1. Nice link up ladies! Love the idea.

    Once you've reached the age/maturity level where you don't care about what others, that's the sweet spot.

    I sitll write in notebooks as well.

  2. I agree! Thank you so much! :) glad you can join us

  3. I wrote a journal for such a long time but then life got in the way! I loved the post and can see all these qualities in you!

    1. Lol that tends to happen! In order to avoid some of my too personal posts I do it that way! And aww yours too!:)

  4. Hazelnut coffee is the best! Great linkup, thanks for sharing :)

  5. Hi Natalie I am one of your new followers from finding my voice.

    1. Hi! Thanks for follwing! I'll follow you too!