Monday, July 7, 2014

Music Monday-Ultraviolence

Ladies and gentlemen, the wait for all of you Lana fans is over. At long last, her new album 'Ultraviolence' has come out. And it didn't disappoint.
Lana has been one of my favorite singers ever since she lent her vocals to the song 'Young and Beautiful' from 'The Great Gatsby.' Ever since then, I've had her two albums (Born to Die and Paradise-EP) on repeat. When she announced her new album, I quickly became excited. When the single 'West Coast' came out, I literally downloaded the song that very minute I came home. #itsthatimportant After downloading that song, I couldn't wait for her album to come out June 17th.
So when it did, I had to get it that day. But, due to lack of rides I had to wait til the 18th to purchase it. Once I did, I was in love with it. The album was completely perfect. "Cruel World" is the perfect start to the album, and has quickly become one of my favorite songs ever. Songs like "Ultraviolence", "Sad Girl", and "F**ked My Way to the Top" are classic Lana Del Rey songs, when the music is a mixture of deep lyrics and beautiful music. Of course, who can forget "West Coast", which in my opinion has become the anthem to this summer.
It's safe to say that this album is one of my favorites. Lana, you didn't disappoint. For the first time ever, I can't write a list of my favorite songs, because the entire album is my favorite. So, go listen to this wonderful album today. Whether you buy it somewhere, or go to Spotify, I recommend you all to listen to it. I am sure that you'll fall in love with it like I have. 


  1. Lana is definitely one of my guilty pleasures. Thanks for sharing!


  2. She's my fave. Glad you enjoyed it!