Friday, July 11, 2014

Travel Tips From Emma!

Hey there everyone. I'm currently maxin relaxing (jk I'm at work) but I would like to introduce one of my fave bloggers out there on the blogging scene. She's got style, she's got grace, she's Emma!
You know you love me,
Hello Finding My Voice Fans,

I’m Emma from The World According to Emma! I’m a college blogger who writes about my college life (and the happenings of this summer), movie/book review (Like this one), and about my love for TV especially Big Brother! (#TeamCody #TeamDonnie #TeamJoey #TeamChristine #TeamNicole) Basically I write about anything I feel like!

When Natalie asked me to guest post for her I immediately knew what I wanted to write about. What you may or may not know about Natalie and I is we are real life friends! She’s actually my editor on our school paper!

When we first started talking about her new position she asked me if I’d be willing to write a lot of articles about travel because she knew I loved to travel. So, when she asked me to guest post I thought why not write one about traveling as a college student.

I have 3 upcoming trips! Two of them are family trips but one of them is a friend trip that I’m planning with friends and saving to pay for myself. So, here are some of my tips for pre-during & post travel for college students!

1: If you’re paying for the trip by yourself, start putting money aside ASAP, trips aren’t cheap!
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2: Very few weeks put aside all the change in your wallet and bring it to coinstar a few days before your trip. Last time I save for a month before my cruise and I had $10. And my mom did it for a year and had over $50.
3: Make packing list before going to stop yourself from over packing. I know I have a huge problem with that.
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4: Make sure you bring a camera so you can document your trip!
5: If you have are going with friends, make sure its people you think you can spend an extended period of time with because you will be spending multiple days together non-stop.
6: Make sure to put the phone down sometimes. As much as you might want to share your fantastic time with your friends on facebook/twitter/Instagram but you don’t want to miss something.
7: Remember to save for the little things (i.e. – tips, parking, etc…) because those things can add
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8: Have some plans but for the most part go with the flow. You never know where your adventures will take you!
9: Find some way to doctument your trip! Write blog post, make a video scrapbook or vlog the whole thing.
10: Take risks and have adventures! That’s the best way to have fun!
So wherever you may be going I hope you have a fantastic time!

Happy Travels,



  1. These tips are great. I think keeping phones & other gadgets out of reach for a little time being is best , when there's a lot more to enjoy in real life happenings.