Saturday, July 26, 2014

Thou Shalt....(A Blogger's Commandments to Dealing With Breakups)

As a blogger, I have a lot of things to say. I tell you all about what I've been up to lately, and you listen and comment back. I tell you what I buy when I'm at the drug store, and you all ask me about what I like about the products that I've chosen. Bloggers are mini celebrities, because let's just face it we're obsessed with each other and our blogs. Every morning, like clockwork I check my GFC feed, and I check on my favorite bloggers to see what new and exciting things that they've posted.
One of the things that comes along as a side dish of being a blogger is that you're going to have people that you may or may not want to see. So, you've got to be careful about what ends up on your little corner on the internet, because it could haunt you.
Reading through people's blogs, I can't help but notice that relationships are a huge part of that person's blog. Whether it's lack of relationship, a marriage, or someone's boyfriend, relationships are a big deal on the internet. And we can't get enough of sharing our love stories online.
But, what happens when sometimes the love goes from sour to sweet? As a blogger, you have the power to basically make all of your readers think that he's the scum of the earth. But, with that being said, there's somethings that you probably should do/not do when you're a blogger with a broken heart.
  • Take a break from blogging if you're feeling too emotional to blog. That way, you won't post something that you'll later regret.
  • Try to keep any posts about your ex as classy as possible. Whenever you do decide to blog about it, if you do, then be sure to keep it as drama-free as possible. If you want to say "I wanted to let you all know that I am no longer with such-and-such, and I am okay"(even when you're not) go for it. 
  • Write a post about being happy, because thinking about happy things will without a doubt make you happy. 
  • Use your blog to trash your ex. #notclassy.
  • Don't trash your ex. Even if they deserve to be trashed, for whatever they did.
  • Post meloncholy posts. Yes, you're sad but save it for Facebook or Twitter. (That's where I see most of the drama nowadays.)
  • Use your blog as your diary. Go to Staples and buy a notebook, because trust me you're not going to want to see some of the stuff you'd post if you didn't. (Neither would your future employers)
Bloggers, I wanna know. What are your tips and tricks in dealing with a blogger breakup?

*In case you were wondering (I know that you all were), I have not experienced any sort of heart break/breakups as of late.

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